Cultivating Belief

Action vs. Belief

How do belief and action work together? I can see action, and I know hard work. I love action. Work makes me feel productive. People love people who take action.



But how do I see belief? Can I achieve something if I don't believe I can? Will I act if I don't think I can? Will I even attempt if I doubt myself?

Action get's all the credit.

But no one sees me bring my mind back after I get mentally knocked down. People can't tell if I'm saying nice things to myself.

I think society leads us to believe that action is better than belief.

Fake it until you make it right?

I say NO! I say belief comes first and is fueled on by action.

Belief might run out if you don't take action.

But believing comes first.

You must believe that you can do it.

You have ambition and drive and potential energy but before that comes a spark. A little spark that says "I can do that" or "I'm going to try."

Later doubt, fear, and regret might show up, but you know you believed before that.

That is why you must cultivate belief. You must practice bringing it back just as much as your practice taking action. Because with every action comes the possibility of failure or regret or doubt and with every move comes another opportunity to cultivate the belief in yourself and try again.

But don't give action all the credit.

You still have to generate belief in yourself - yourself.