Feeling Stuck is an Opportunity

When Andrew met me, he was stuck. He’d recognized that he was trapped months before we met but said: “I didn't dare to acknowledge it to myself.” Feeling stuck was something to be ashamed of for Andrew, and this made it worse.

How To Get Unstuck - Problem Solving

During this time he told me he mentally pounded himself into the ground and put himself, his team (he is a VP at a tech company), and his relationships through an emotional roller coaster that seemed like it would never end.

Everything changed when Andrew heard me say - “getting stuck is a good thing!”. Feeling stuck seems wrong. But being stuck is an opportunity to solve a problem. Before you felt stuck, you didn’t realize there was a problem to solve (even if the problem was there).

The feeling of being stuck is an active signal in our environment that we can use to generate the motivation needed to flip our negative mindset into problem-solving mode and change our world without physically doing anything.

So now that we know "feeling stuck" and "recognizing we are stuck" are opportunities to turn on our problem-solving brain what are the best ways to solve problems? More on that soon but if you have a favorite problem-solving framework or concept please share it with me in the comments.