It all started when I realized...

Feeling stuck is a good thing.

I’ll say it again. Feeling stuck is a good thing.

It is crucial to me that everyone realize that feeling stuck is a good thing.

Feeling stuck is good because it means you’ve woken up to something you didn’t know before. It's an active signal that your environment and you are changing.

Feeling stuck is the first time you feel that you are changing. It is a moment of recognition.

Before you felt stuck, it wasn’t that you couldn’t see a solution it was that you couldn’t see a problem at all. Maybe there wasn’t a problem, or maybe there was, but you didn't feel stuck yet.

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Hi, I'm Chris Wilson! Welcome to the UnStuck School where I explore all kinds of concepts and skills to unleash ourselves on our life and work.

Let me help you learn to propel forward fearlessly in life and work. 

Big statement. I know. But you can learn how to do all of these things as skills:

  1. Cultivating belief as a skill
  2. Telling your story as a skill
  3. Designing your life as a skill
  4. Generating motivation as a skill
  5. Taking small imperfect action as a skill
  6. Creating "Tiny Habits" as a skill

Yes. These are all skills that can be learned.

That is why I started the UnStuck School. 

I believe learning is the key to getting unstuck in life and work.

You can learn how to find clarity, and discover how to be fearless, driven, and powerful in your life and work.

You simply have to turn onto your life and start learning. This is why I write a weekly message to my friends that subscribe to my lifestyle design reflections.

These are real messages from my heart, that I tend to write and send on Sunday mornings. This ritual has become a core part of my personal unstuck process.

When you subscribe, you will receive a personal message from me each week. Here are a few of my most popular reflection topics to date:

  • Learning To Get Unstuck 
  • Cultivating Belief as a Skill
  • Telling Your Story
  • Finding Fulfillment
  • Money Mindfulness
  • Playing to Learn
  • Developing Tiny Habits
  • Taking Small Imperfect Action

These are the topics I plan to explore in 2017.

After you subscribe to my weekly reflections, you will get the first message on Sunday afternoon. 

***Remember - These are my personal reflections that I write to internalize what I'm learning while helping my friends learn how to get unstuck. 

Let's figure out what works for you! 

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