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Gratitude & Celebration

Gratitude & Celebration with Ingrid Abild-Pedersen

LIVE on Facebook & YouTube - 2/5 @ Noon PST  

Ingrid joins us from her practice as a certified IPEC life and relationship coach where she works with clients healing from traumas and abuse, dysfunctional or divorced families, and adults and young people sometimes living in destructive patterns.

  • Why should we practice gratitude and celebration in life?
  • When can we practice gratitude and celebrate in our life? 
  • How can we practice gratitude and celebration?

What is success?

Monday, February 12th @ Noon PST

What is success? with Brandon Lee

LIVE on Facebook & YouTube - 2/12 @ Noon PST

Brandon Lee joins us as Co-founder of Orenda Academy, a 12-week program that teaches teens to master valuable life skills that help them become confident, self-aware, disciplined, and responsible for themselves.

  • Why is it important to inquire about what success is?
  • What challenges will we face when defining success?
  • How can we connect with our own version of success?
Mike Sagun.jpg

Do a life assessment!

Monday, February 19th @ Noon PST

Do a life assessment! with Mike Sagun

LIVE on Facebook & YouTube - 2/19 @ Noon PST

Teaching artist and owner of The Authentic Man retreats. Mike Sagun is a Certified Co-Active Personal Development Coach that creates safe spaces for people to think deeply about themselves, their choices, and find meaning in their life to transform into the person that they are inside.  

  • Why should we consider doing a life assessment?
  • What is a life assessment and when is a good time to do one?
  • How can we do a life assessment? 
Claire Thompkins.jpeg

Limiting your options

Monday, February 26th @ Noon PST

Limiting Your Options with Claire Tompkins

LIVE on Facebook & YouTube - 2/12 @ Noon PST

As a professional organizer and clutter coach, Claire's mission is to create systems that work for you, so you can get organized and stay that way without additional energy. The trick is to keep it simple.

  • Why is it helpful to limit your options?
  • What strategies can we use to limit our options?
  • How can you limit your options in life?

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