It all started when I realized...

Feeling stuck is a good thing.

I’ll say it again. Feeling stuck is a good thing. It is crucial to me that everyone realize that feeling stuck is a good thing. Feeling stuck is good because it means you’ve woken up to something you didn’t know before.

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Hi, I'm Chris Wilson. Welcome to the UnStuck School where I teach motivated people (like you) how to get clear and connected to your goals by designing your year (DYY). 

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See, I got really really good at designing my life by doing it. I set a goal to:

  • Go to Triathlon World Championships (went)
  • Quit college (done)
  • Race bikes in Europe (did it)

At this point in my life I thought I was behind, abnormal, weird and stupid for not doing what everyone else did, because I couldn't get a job and I didn't go to school, so I set a new goal.

  • Get an awesome job (got it) 

Then I discovered that people could get stuck in life. 

After 5 years in an awesome job I realized it was not the destination that allowed some people to feel fulfilled while others felt stuck. Instead it was the process that got them to their destination in the first place.

The social, emotional, and mental process that they relied on to reach their destination was the key to whether or not they would feel stuck or fulfilled, satisfied, and in a place that they were growing and learning.

So, I set out to figure out what exactly I had learned on the outside and how I could teach these skills to others.

I set a long term aspiration goal to:

  • To learn how to help people get unstuck (doing) 
  • To help 1000 real people get unstuck (doing it) 

This led me to create the Desiging Your Year - EDIT METHOD TM

What do great artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, explorers and creators have in common? They are all doers, they are all self-directed learners, and they all have a process to perform whatever they do or make whatever they make.

They, themselves, are all amazing products, that have been through a process, and have been fashioned to serve their purpose. 

When we get stuck we are by definition looking at the problem at hand and feeling all sorts of feelings related to the situation.

Getting stuck, feeling stuck, being stuck SUCKS! But, feeling stuck is a positive signal that you and your environment are changing. Getting stuck is a chance to learn and grow. 

Today, we are going to zoom out from whatever problem you are focused on (we all have them) and we are going to do two things to make progress. 

  1. Begin looking at problems as puzzles (Puzzles are fun)
  2. Bring awareness to your process 

The Desiging Your Year EDIT METHODTM is a four part framework to begin thinking like a designer and making physical and mental progress toward your goals.

  • Empathize

  • Define

  • Ideate

  • Test

The UnStuck School - Designing Your Year Program will bring you through a four part series of exercises that will help you empathize, define, ideate, and test your way to whatever form of success you define - that is module 2 ;)

I believe learning to create your own process is the key to getting unstuck in life and work.

This is why I've focused all of my energy on learning to teach design thinking, habit development, and goal setting - rather than how to get a job, start a business, or do what you love.

Because when you learn to use a process like Designing Your Year you will learn how to reach whatever destination you see. 

This is my way of teaching you how to fish. 

Because, you can learn how to empathize, cultivate belief, and to review your year. 

Because you can learn how to design what success looks like. 

Because you can learn how to do a life assessment and define aspiration goals that align with your vision of successes. 

And finally you can learn how to refine those aspiration goals into action goals, take small imperfect action and create to create habits that will get you where you want to go. 

You can learn how to get out of default mode and get unstuck.

This is why I created the UnStuck School - to discover, learn, and teach the knowledge, skills, and habits that will help us live an awesome life and do awesome work. 

This is my thing. Let's find your thing! 

Let's learn how to get unstuck and live an awesome life together!