Hi I'm Chris - Let's talk about creating your container. 

Book a time on my calendar to speak 1-on-1 for free. Here are examples of what we might discuss:

  • How to use play to get unstuck.
  • How to create and maintain a container for reflection.
  • How to translate your intentions into aspirations you can feel. 
  • How to define outcomes that relate to your own version of success. 
  • How to map the key areas of focus that deserve your energy. 
  • How to change your relationship with money and make it your own. 
  • How to teach yourself to celebrate and create tiny habits. 
  • How to work with a friend or loved one as a coach or accountabilabuddy.  
  • How to start a year on in life. 
  • How to get clear about what you want in life in 5 days. 

Hi, my name’s Chris. I left my career in software sales to explore what we have to learn to get unstuck in work and life and help people like you get on track to achieving their dreams. I believe the science and psychology of goal setting, self-assessment and reflection are fundamental teachable skills required for success in life. The problem is that these aren't taught in school and many of us are expected to find our way on our own. That’s why I started the UnStuck School. 

Me? I’m an intentional career coach. I will help you get clear about what you want, create your own container for reflection, and align your aspirations, outcomes, goals, and habits to achieve success.  

  1. You may contact me via email: chris (at) unstuckschool.com 
  2. You may book a time on my calendar for a free 1-on-1
  3. You may text me directly to find a time to speak: 508-524-0360 (Please introduce yourself)

Let's get unstuck!

Work with me

Free 1-On-1 Session: 

Use the links above to schedule a free chance to speak and answer all of your questions. We can get a lot done in a single session.  


We will meet once a month for an entire year to create a process of reflection and feedback in your life. You can use this time to build a relationship with your intentions in life and align your habits with the goals and outcomes you want to achieve. I will be your partner in creating and maintaining your intention over an entire year of your life. 

Sign up for the first month. $100 (Please only pay the monthly fee if you are committed to finishing an entire year together. This is 1 hour long session a month for an entire year) 

Sign up for the entire year. $1200 (If you believe you will need the additional push to maintain focus you may pay upfront using this link) 

Contact me with questions at 508-524-0360.